NEWS! We are merging two blogs together

I pretty much disappeared from the blogging world for almost a year.

Meriannen mielessä

I loved my 7 year old blog Meriannen mielessä – it was my personal public journal to where I poured my sorrows and discoveries of parenthood to a special needs child.

I created the blog when I only had had my first ultrasound scan – as a fledgling mother-to-be I mused about the happiness of expectancy. From there on, from the birth story to the diagnoses and further, the blog was kept updated. Within those posts you could watch me grow and mature, more than those years would naturally age a person.

I wrote in Finnish. On the blog’s prime it was hosted by the biggest parenthood media in Finland called Kaksplus, so I could call myself then as a professional blogger as I did have a monthly income from it.

After leaving Kaksplus I tried self-hosting again but ran against technical windmills. We battled against them one by one, me and my partner, but they kept coming – soon I was so discouraged I just gave up. I left the whole blogging scene behind, letting it rest.

This Is Us

For so long I had been mulling over the idea of keeping a blog in English. There were so much that my English speaking friends couldn’t get out of my Finnish blog and I didn’t want to keep them out of the loop, and writing in English started to feel as natural to me as using my own native language. So alongside my still yet alive Finnish blog I created a shiny new blog with the most intriguing name of “This Is Us”, because, well, the blog was about us.

I eagerly published 10 posts to it, but the flame of inspiration vanished with the technical difficulties of the Finnish blog. Regrettably, I left this promising new writing venue wither with the other one.

The End – or not?

Months went by and I learned to live a life without blogging. Whenever I thought about my abandoned projects I was filled with pure frustration. I was even ready to delete them all from the word wide web, just print them off to actual paper and keep those as memory keepsakes but have nothing online anymore.

I even told that plan to my two most keen fans of my blogging – my parents – with certainty in my voice. I would have done it too.

Then Dan, my so awfully irritating partner, somehow managed to convince me otherwise. Hence, here we are now.

Meriannen mielessä + This is Us = Maiju

Hi. My name is Maiju – pronounced My-You. It does not mean anything, it is just my name – and now name of this merged blog.

The Finnish blog will not be updated anymore, but all the posts are still up here for you to read through. It is just sort of.. archived.

All ten posts I wrote under This is Us are now here in my Maiju-blog, because why not – they were a good starter for a fire.

I will be merging all the social media accounts too, to prevent confusion. Or, like with the unhelpful case of Facebook and “ We’re unable to update your Page’s name because your request doesn’t follow our Page guidelines ” , I created a new page.

If you just found yourself here and have no clue whatsoever who I am, who we are and what this all is about, please feel free to click yourself here to the very first post and work your way from there.

In other words…

I’m back.

You can thank Dan later.

You can follow us on Instagram and on our shiny new Facebook page!

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