Random act of kindness: A New Laptop

I had bought my laptop through Amazon, it was “certified refurbished”: secondhand laptop that had been fixed by someone who held Amazons approval for refurbishing laptops. I bought it with confidence, hoping it would last me years and years as its only job would be to provide me a blogging pathway. It did, without any apparent hiccups for couple of years.

Read more about Amazons Renewed – products here.

One night as I was about to turn the beloved laptop off, it told me it needed to refresh itself with updates. That’s fine, I told it, just shut yourself down after you are done.

So it did.

It did it so well that it never woke up again. Next time I climbed up the stairs and got myself comfortable in my little hidey hole where I blogged, the laptop was off. I pushed the power button and nothing happened. Frowning, I checked the power lead, the plug and all the connections. Everything was attached to themselves as they should, but my black laptop still kept itself dark. I unattached the power cord and took off the laptops battery and clipped it back on again. I attached the cord and pressed the power button. Nothing.

I then contacted my in-house IT support – my partner Dan.

He did all that I had just done without getting a different result. That point I gave up on blogging for the night. The plan was to leave it charging overnight, just on the off chance that the laptop had just really drained all of its battery life out of itself.

In the morning, the little laptop was still lifeless. Dan took it downstairs to try whatever magical tricks he can do with all of his certified IT knowledge, and I trusted him to get it up and running in no time.

Even he could not get it to power up.

It wasn’t the battery, it wasn’t the leads – something had just happened to the internal organs of the device and it was undeniably dead.

It was a shock to me.

I stared at our bank account and wondered how on Earth would we be able to afford to buy another laptop, after all the money we’ve already used for moving house, furniture and even the bit that I have already done for Christmas. There was even more furniture that we are lacking and in definite need for, and it all would require some capital.

Could I go on without a computer?

Yes I could. I do have my smartphone and on that I could type out some blog posts if I needed to – it is not impossible, it is rather doable – but it is not as practical as doing it on a computer. Especially if you can touch type on the QWERTY keyboard like I do, with a speed of about 80 words a minute, typing with a smart phone is mind-numbingly slow.

I researched getting laptop through different financing options from several companies, comparing and making notes on what we could possibly afford with careful financial planning and what is definitely out of the question. In the midst of it we celebrated Halloween and as I posted photos of my beautiful kids in horrific costumes on social media I mentioned there about my dilemma, just on the off-chance someone had been waiting for a post update.

It didn’t even cross my mind…

Within minutes, I got a private message from my brother-in-laws girlfriend. She had a laptop that she no longer needed and she offered it to me. I was stunned. I sent many messages asking if she was really sure, if there was anyone else who she might want to keep the laptop for and I triple-checked if she really was certain about giving the laptop to me. She persisted.

On the same day, I was sitting with the brand new looking laptop in my possession and having coffee with my brother-in-law. The angel in disguise herself was at work.

Right now, I am already using that very same laptop to type out this blog post. I cannot express how lucky I feel, how grateful and … just speechless with gratitude.

I know there are nice people out there,

people willing to help out whenever they can. It just did not occur to me that someone might offer their laptop for me to use if I just mentioned I was in need of one.

Thinking about all this gives me a funny feeling in the bottom of my stomach, sort of warm, fuzzy tinkle. I feel… loved and supported. It makes me emotional and .. in a way embarrassed. That I was in a position that I needed help.

I know that if the roles were reversed, I would be there offering the help I was in place to give.

Have you noticed the same?

That you could offer to help someone without a second thought, full-heartedly and eagerly, but if you were the one receiving the help, you’d feel embarrassed, flustered?

Saying this, I am ever so grateful for my friend for doing this for me. It means a lot. With my whole heart,

thank you.

Thank you for helping me. Thank you.

Mummy Blogger reveals her children’s real names after 7 years

This is a big deal for me.

I have kept a public blog for more than 7 years and my children have always been known by nicknames in it.

Not anymore. My blog’s long term fans would have noticed a huge change in my blog since yesterday.

I am very proud of my children’s names.

Still, I wanted to hide them from the world. While I’m revealing so much of myself here I could not help but try to wrap my kids in with a fluffy anonymity blanket.

As I start blogging again,

I feel more connected to the local people, businesses and charities than I did before, and more than previously I do want to work with them and for them. I want to promote amazing charities and help to bring recognition for them, for all the hard work they do for families like mine. We already have let some of them use our kids real names in their leaflets and websites, and to prevent confusion, I’ve revised my nickname policy here in my blog.

My blog’s fans have known my eldest as “Elsa”.

Her real name is Elisa, pronounced like the name “Eliza”.

I had known for more than a year before Elisa was born, that my first child with Dan would be called Elisa. I didn’t want to have any “foreign” letters in her name to honour her Finnish background, as in Finnish letter z is hardly ever used. But Dan didn’t want the pronunciation that comes easiest with this spelling, so we went with “Eliza” with s.

She is as special as her name.

My youngest has been known as “Anna” in the blog.

Her real name is Melody.

Melody loves her name, she promptly and proudly introduces herself to everyone whenever needed or not. Her name comes from a twin who sadly didn’t live very long – I didn’t even ever have the honour to meet her. I met her mum when I had been told the worst news possible; that my child, Elisa, might die. It was then that I bombed into Melodee’s mum, who knew exactly what I was going through. We have been friends ever since.

When I was expecting my youngest, we made name lists, and name Melody just kept popping up. It was the one that just felt right.


has always been known in the blog with her real name as according to her own wishes.


I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It appears protecting the names of my children had been a sort of a battle that I had been soldiering through… and I don’t have to do that anymore. Strange.

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NEWS! We are merging two blogs together

I pretty much disappeared from the blogging world for almost a year.

Meriannen mielessä

I loved my 7 year old blog Meriannen mielessä – it was my personal public journal to where I poured my sorrows and discoveries of parenthood to a special needs child.

I created the blog when I only had had my first ultrasound scan – as a fledgling mother-to-be I mused about the happiness of expectancy. From there on, from the birth story to the diagnoses and further, the blog was kept updated. Within those posts you could watch me grow and mature, more than those years would naturally age a person.

I wrote in Finnish. On the blog’s prime it was hosted by the biggest parenthood media in Finland called Kaksplus, so I could call myself then as a professional blogger as I did have a monthly income from it.

After leaving Kaksplus I tried self-hosting again but ran against technical windmills. We battled against them one by one, me and my partner, but they kept coming – soon I was so discouraged I just gave up. I left the whole blogging scene behind, letting it rest.

This Is Us

For so long I had been mulling over the idea of keeping a blog in English. There were so much that my English speaking friends couldn’t get out of my Finnish blog and I didn’t want to keep them out of the loop, and writing in English started to feel as natural to me as using my own native language. So alongside my still yet alive Finnish blog I created a shiny new blog with the most intriguing name of “This Is Us”, because, well, the blog was about us.

I eagerly published 10 posts to it, but the flame of inspiration vanished with the technical difficulties of the Finnish blog. Regrettably, I left this promising new writing venue wither with the other one.

The End – or not?

Months went by and I learned to live a life without blogging. Whenever I thought about my abandoned projects I was filled with pure frustration. I was even ready to delete them all from the word wide web, just print them off to actual paper and keep those as memory keepsakes but have nothing online anymore.

I even told that plan to my two most keen fans of my blogging – my parents – with certainty in my voice. I would have done it too.

Then Dan, my so awfully irritating partner, somehow managed to convince me otherwise. Hence, here we are now.

Meriannen mielessä + This is Us = Maiju

Hi. My name is Maiju – pronounced My-You. It does not mean anything, it is just my name – and now name of this merged blog.

The Finnish blog will not be updated anymore, but all the posts are still up here for you to read through. It is just sort of.. archived.

All ten posts I wrote under This is Us are now here in my Maiju-blog, because why not – they were a good starter for a fire.

I will be merging all the social media accounts too, to prevent confusion. Or, like with the unhelpful case of Facebook and “ We’re unable to update your Page’s name because your request doesn’t follow our Page guidelines ” , I created a new page.

If you just found yourself here and have no clue whatsoever who I am, who we are and what this all is about, please feel free to click yourself here to the very first post and work your way from there.

In other words…

I’m back.

You can thank Dan later.

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Getting rid of “I-should’s”.

Since the last rant, I gave in to my inhibitions. I had been following almost religiously my inner “I should” talk – “I should blog”, “I should clean”, “I should do…” – and it was driving me bonkers. So I did everything but. I did crochet, I listened to audiobooks, I drew and enjoyed being creative with my bullet journal. 

After a while, “I-should’s” quieted down and I found myself really wanting to write. My mind started to ponder around new post ideas, even post series – and my love for the actual art of keeping a blog was awaken again. 

I am ambitious, and very demanding of myself. With my Finnish blog and this relatively new English blog I have a lot of  presuppositions of my own work and its achievements. As a perfectionist, none of my posts can be half-heartedly done – it’s a full blast of accelerator or nothing. So with this in mind it’s easy to understand how I can overdo a hobby like blogging and drive myself to hyperventilation with it. 

Currently I’m making conscious effort to slow down and not to expect too much of myself. I’m making no exact plans and if my mind oggles on a “I should blog” – thought, I will steer away from a laptop and force myself to do something else creative instead. This is for my own sake – and with his in mind, there is no quarantine there will be a blog post a week or a month. I hope you understand. 

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Another blog? Why?

The world of the Internet has seen many blogs, many of them in the bizz for longer than my children have even existed.

So why a new one?

There is a story of love to be told, there never can be too much of that.

A story of a child, who welcomed a step-mother into her life and learned to live a life within two households.

There is a story of misfortune that affected everyone and changed the lives of the family forever.

This is a story of a family that has experienced more than many will ever do, and they are lucky enough to have pulled through it together.

This is us.

With our story, you will learn about our pasts and now, what helped and didn’t. As we go on, we will be sharing our hints and tips, and most of all, we will be learning with you as our story is not over yet.

The themes covered in this shiny new blog are

  • Family
  • Parenthood
  • Love and relationships
  • Special Needs Children
  • Siblings
  • Step-parenting
  • Life of an immigrant
  • Disability and adaptations

And so on.

Sold it to you yet?

No? I do dare you to keep on reading. This is not the kind of a sob story you’ll expect.