Who are we?


Father, who puts his family first. He is a tech junkie; computers, tablets, phones, you name it, he is all up for it.

He does complain about being a minority in his own home, but is openly proud of all of his daughters.


Mother and a step-mother. From Finland, she loves her food and her family. She is a long time blogger, who wants to change the world for better.

She has kept a journal ever since she learned to write, and currently keeps a bullet journal.

The posts about Maiju are tagged under # Maiju.
(Name pronounced “My – You”)


Dan’s firstborn, who is the most compassionate and clever 14 year old that this family has ever seen. Also, she’s a very proud and protective big sister.

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The 6 year old, who knows how to keep the family busy. She loves Futurama and if she could, she would go for a swim every day.

She’s diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, profound deafness and cerebral vision impairment among other things. She sits aided and hears with her cochlear implants.

Have you read the introductory post about her though, Who is Elisa?
The posts about Elisa are tagged under #Elisa.


The youngest of the family, who is a cheeky little 3 year old. She loves going to nursery and meeting new friends. She loves climbing and jumping, and shows her excitement by being extra bouncy!

The posts about her are under #Melody.

Updated on 18.9.2019

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